Gain Weight 25 Pound

Today’s equine athletes require specialized diets with all of the nutrients in proper proportions in order to perform at their very best. Feeding fats allows you to rely less on high-starch grains while still providing the extra caloric intake required to meet your horse’s energy needs. Fats are used to increase the caloric density of horse rations without the increased risk of colic, founder or gastric upset as a result of fermentation of starch from grains.

Gain Weight is a nutritional supplement designed to add fat calories to a horse’s diet without the risks of adding additional grain to their digestive system. Horses that traditionally needed more calories for weight gain or increased stamina were fed more grain. Fat is an under rated source of energy for horses. The 40% fat in Gain Weight comes from vegetable fats and flax seed meal, which are naturally high in beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. This fat is easily metabolized with no digestive tract upset. It also contains added calcium to help maintain the calcium/phosphorus ratio. Using just a small amount of Gain Weight each day will help improve weight gain, maintain a healthy digestive system, increase endurance, enhance skin, coat and overall body condition, and increase growth in young horses.

Gain Weight provides extra calories for weight gain and body condition as well as fuel for performance. It is a natural additive loaded with amino acids that help promote strong hooves and visibly improved coats. Gain Weight’s powerful enzymatic and probiotic action is due to live, viable microorganisms and a vast array of digestive enzymes. It helps put protein to work so muscles get these essential macronutrients when they need them and in a form that can easily be utilized. Gain Weight supplies levels of essential nutrients, minerals, and amino acids frequently lacking in grains and hays grown in our mineral depleted soils.

Recommended Dosage: 2 oz. daily to improve skin and coat condition; 4 oz. daily for gaining weight.


25 LB Bucket

Gain Weight 25 Pound

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