Perk-A-Lyte 20 Pound

Perk-A-Lyte is a balanced electrolyte that helps prevent dehydration, fatigue, and weakness caused by competition, strenuous exercise, and sickness. Highly palatable and apple flavored, its formula contains essential amino acids, trace minerals, and bioflavonoids in an easy to use water soluble salt base.

Enhanced with valuable probiotics, Perk-A-Lyte also promotes a healthy equine digestive system.

REMEMBER: When the seasons change, horses are more prone to certain kinds of colic because of the changes in the weather, available feed, and water intake. As winter approaches, some horse’s forage goes from pasture grass that may contain 75% moisture to hay that may contain only 10% moisture, so they must drink more water. Unfortunately, horses will drink less water as the water temperature drops. Perk-A-Lyte in their daily ration will help encourage them to drink more water all year long. Make sure your horse has adequate water that is warm enough to be readily consumed. Horses cannot get enough water from snow. Likewise in the summer, horses will not readily drink warm, stagnant water. Make sure your horse has fresh, cool water available during the summer months to replenish their bodies as they sweat.

Recommended Dosage: 1 oz. daily.

Perk-A-Lyte 20 Pound

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