The Enhancer

Medical research has made an exciting breakthrough in determining the substances that enhance the body’s ability to build muscle, run fast, resist stress, and generally function at its youthful best. Now, Cox Veterinary Laboratory is the first to combine four substances that have emerged from the research as extremely impressive nutrients. They are gamma oryzanol, nitric oxide, DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone), and creatine orotate. The result is The Enhancer, an all natural liquid supplement. Research shows these ingredients stimulate the natural production of beneficial hormones that build muscle, reduce fat, maintain running speed, increase bone strength, promote upbeat emotional states and energize the body and mind.

The Enhancer’s formula is especially effective because of its unique ability to help trigger a powerful (yet safe) chain reaction. Gamma oryzanol is thought to stimulate the body’s ability to produce more pregnenalone, which in turn stimulates increased bodily production of DHEA. The two of them stimulate improved production from the body’s hormone and glandular systems. Nitric oxide causes hemodilation, which is the widening of blood vessels in the muscles. The muscles receive more blood flow which in turn delivers more nutrients and oxygen for continued performance or decreased recovery time after an injury. Creatine orotate has shown to build strength and increase stamina and lean body mass. It also intensifies the pace of energy production in the muscle cells resulting in more energy for increased stamina.

This sophisticated blend puts The Enhancer out front as the most promising product for optimizing a horse’s speed, strength, and stamina in a safe and healthy way while increasing muscle mass. No other product combines even two of these cutting-edge substances!

For Horses of Any Age: Whether a horse is a yearling in training, in the prime of life or has moved into the teens, The Enhancer is the best nutritional supplement designed to help support the horse’s body to build strong bones, connective tissues, optimal strength and overall health.

Recommended Dosage: 1/2 oz. daily.

The Enhancer is available in quarts. (Piña Colada flavor.)

The Enhancer

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